5 Coffee-Themed Wedding Ideas

2024-01-27T17:01:26-06:00September 29th, 2022|BRIK VENUE, Wedding Ideas|

Melanie Baldi Photo October 1 is International Coffee Day, and those of us in the wedding industry (and anyone who has ever had to plan a wedding) run on caffeine! We know many of our couples are fellow coffee lovers, and there are so many ways to incorporate everyone's favorite morning (afternoon, evening...) pick-me-up into your wedding day. Check out our 5 coffee-themed wedding ideas that are sure to keep your guests grooving all night long. Coffee Cart The easiest way to incorporate coffee into your wedding is by hiring [...]

BRIK’s Three Entry Options

2024-01-27T17:01:34-06:00September 22nd, 2022|BRIK VENUE|

You already know that we here at BRIK love to give you options when it comes to customizing your wedding day and guest flow through the venue. But did you know that you have three different guest entry options? BRIK's three entry options each create a different vibe for your guests' first impression of your venue and wedding design. Read on to find out which of BRIK's three guest entry options is best for your BRIK wedding day, as well as some pros and cons about each choice! Front Doors [...]

More Than a Wedding Venue

2024-01-27T17:04:25-06:00September 2nd, 2022|BRIK VENUE|

Have you ever noticed that our full name is BRIK Special Events Venue? That's because BRIK is much more than just a wedding venue! We have seen all types of special events since opening in 2016 and love hosting all celebrations and gatherings from quinceañeras to baby showers, from corporate events to birthday parties! Photo by Kinslens Corporate Events and Fundraisers Need a space for a company Christmas party, work retreat, team building day, or other corporate event? We can seat up to 300 people in our space. With our [...]

BRIK’s First Look Guide

2024-01-27T17:04:46-06:00August 18th, 2022|BRIK VENUE, Uncategorized|

We are asked for first look ideas all the time! Should you do one? If so, which one should you choose? With BRIK's First Look Guide, you can decide which first look idea is best for your wedding day! Why Do a First Look? First looks are a great way to ease nerves on the morning of the wedding. Seeing your partner before the ceremony can help you relax and enjoy the ceremony. First looks also help you to get most of your couple and wedding party photos out of [...]

Meet the BRIK Team!

2024-01-27T17:04:48-06:00August 11th, 2022|BRIK VENUE, Uncategorized|

It's been a while since we've introduced ourselves! It takes a village to run a wedding venue, and Lynsie has assembled one of the best teams around. Without further ado - Meet the BRIK team! Lynsie Blau Role: Owner, Founder, CEOZodiac sign: AquariusFavorite cocktail: Old FashionedFavorite wedding day moment: First Dance Lynsie opened the doors at BRIK in Spring of 2016 and hasn’t slowed down since. Her second venue, The Ostreum, opened in 2019 where she serves as co-owner and CEO. The amazing team she has curated ensures that all [...]

5 Wedding Venue Tour Tips

2024-01-27T17:04:49-06:00July 28th, 2022|BRIK VENUE|

The question has been popped, you said yes, and it's time to start wedding planning! Before you can book floral, photographer, videographer, catering, or any other vendors, you need a venue! We know a thing or two about venue tours, so let us help you! With our 5 wedding venue tour tips, you'll be walking down the aisle in the perfect venue in no time! Morgan Diane Photo Know your budget! Have an idea of how much you want to spend on your wedding venue. Some venues are all-inclusive while [...]

One Fort Worth Wedding Venue, 5 Ways

2024-01-27T17:05:06-06:00June 30th, 2022|BRIK VENUE, Uncategorized|

As the premier Fort Worth wedding venue of the DFW metroplex, BRIK Venue has seen hundreds of weddings since opening in 2016. Any Fort Worthian will tell you that Fort Worth is a big city with a small town feel. It's normal to strike up a conversation with a stranger at a local bar and find out they know someone you know. Because of this, many of our tour guests have either been to BRIK Venue for a friend's wedding or at least know someone who has been to the [...]

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