A lot goes into a wedding – including money! Which is why, as you’re planning the wedding of your dreams, you might be looking for ways to save when it comes to certain things. In an effort to help you have the best day ever, we have compiled a list of our favorite budget saving tips to help you save money, cut costs, and still have the dreamiest day!

budget saving tips - tablescape


Tip #1

Figure out what’s most important to you.

What parts of your wedding are most important to you? If it’s flowers, then put a larger portion of your budget there. If it’s photography, then spend more money for the best photos.  If you focus on what’s important to you and put your money there, then you’ll be OK having a budget for the other things. Don’t like cake? Find an alternative that fits within your budget. A getaway car that is crazy expensive? Use Uber XL or a friend’s fancy car. Decide your top three must haves – and then work backwards from there.

budget saving tips - dessert table


Tip #2

➔ Be selective with the guest count.

More people means more money – for food, for drinks, for table decor – for pretty much everything. A quick tip for sizing down your guest count and sticking to a budget – omit children, people you haven’t seen or spoken to in over a year, co-workers, and super extended family. Perhaps also consider limiting the plus-ones for the single guests.

budget saving tips - smaller guest count


Tip #3

➔ Think about an off-season wedding.

In Texas, the most popular, and most expensive, months are April and October. But if you’re willing to compromise on the month – January, February, July and August are typically considered off-season months and usually come with a cheaper price tag. Also consider a Friday or Sunday wedding instead of a Saturday – you’ll get the same perks as a Saturday wedding with a little bit of a discount – that could help with the budget.

budget saving tips - off-season dates

Tip #4

➔ Hire a planner/coordinator.

As counterintuitive as this may seem – to spend money on someone to help save money – a good one can help tremendously with staying on budget. If you are a bride who knows what she wants, then go ahead and hire all your vendors, plan your vision yourself, and hire a month-of planner/coordinator to help with all the final details. They can read over your contracts to make sure you are getting everything you’ve paid for, create a timeline that works with the DJ and photographer, run your rehearsal so your wedding party knows exactly what to do on wedding day, and make sure all your vendors show up on time and ready to go. Sometimes they will even set up and break down any decor you have!

If you are a bride that wants all the help, a full service wedding planner is the way to go!  From vision boards to design and everything in between, a full service wedding planner can not only help you have the wedding of your dreams, they can find you the most perfect vendors to fit within your desired budget.

budget saving tips - planner

Tip #5

➔ Serve beer and wine only.

An open bar means more money for alcohol and liquor and mixers. Keep it simple with a few wine choices and a few beer choices. At BRIK Venue, you can purchase and bring in your own alcohol and hire a bartending service off our preferred list. Most stores like Specs and Total Wine will allow you to return anything that is unopened and unchilled. Another budget saving tip for alcohol is to consider serving a signature drink or 2 instead of having a full open bar.

budget saving tips - bar

Tip #6

➔ Find a venue with inclusions.

Check with the venue to see what’s included in your rental. If tables and chairs aren’t included, that’s going to be an added cost that you might not be expecting. At BRIK Venue, you have access to all of our custom farm tables and chairs, custom cocktail tables and an 11ft indoor bar.  We also have a few ways to add on several of our a la carte options that might be a cheaper option than finding them from other companies. A few of our favorites include ceremony backdrops, a lounge furniture set and uplighting.


At BRIK Venue, we have compiled a basic price range for some of the most popular vendors. As always, do your due diligence and interview vendors, read reviews and get their pricing before making a decision.

  • Wedding planners/coordinators – $800 – $5000+ (depending on month-of, partial or full planning)
  • DJs – $1000 – $5000+ (depending on any upgrades)
  • Caterers – $15/per person – $75/per person (depending on buffet, stations or plated meal)
  • Florists – $2000 – $5000+ (depending on bridal party size, guest count, types of flowers/greenery)
  • Photo/Video – $4000 – $10,000 (depending on services)
  • Cake – $4/per slice – $10/per slice (some places have a flat fee for cake)

These budget saving tips might just come in handy as you are planning your wedding, determining your budget, and deciding what’s important to you for your big day! The staff at BRIK Venue is happy to help answer any questions you might have!