You already know that we here at BRIK love to give you options when it comes to customizing your wedding day and guest flow through the venue. But did you know that you have three different guest entry options? BRIK‘s three entry options each create a different vibe for your guests’ first impression of your venue and wedding design.

Read on to find out which of BRIK‘s three guest entry options is best for your BRIK wedding day, as well as some pros and cons about each choice!

Front Doors

Our front doors are the most commonly used entry point for BRIK wedding days. The black doors in the middle of the building draw the eye most easily as an obvious entry point. With both a ramp and staircase, this entry point is very accessible for guests.

– Easiest entry point for your guests to find
– Close to parking lot
– Ramp available, easy access to elevator

– No “big reveal” of the reception
– Guests may try to find their seats or set their stuff down on a table before heading upstairs, which can ruin your room and detail shots!
– Guests may stop and congregate downstairs, meaning wedding time start may be delayed

Side Door

The side door is located to the right of our front doors up a small set of stairs.

We typically block the way for guests to enter the reception space using one of our tables, which usually holds the guest book, photos, flowers, and more. Guests are funneled directly up the staircase from this point.

Additional pipe and drape can be rented from a rental company to further block the view of the reception space if you’d like to keep it a surprise!

– Funnels guests upstairs to the ceremony space
– Close to parking lot
– Best of the three options according to BRIK staff

– No ramp (however, guests in need of a ramp or the elevator can always use the front doors)
– Guests can be confused and try to go to the front doors. Be sure to use some signage!

Photo: Moth & Moonlite

A great way to block the front doors so your guests know where to go? A marquee sign!

Courtyard Staircase

The courtyard stairs are located on the opposite side of the building from the front and side doors. Also doubles as a cute photo spot!

– Guests won’t see your reception before the ceremony! If you want that “big reveal” of the reception after cocktail hour, this is the way to do it!
– Guests enter directly into the ceremony space, which can help with keeping the ceremony starting on time

– Guests can get confused about where to go. Be sure to have a sign or usher to help them find their way! Many couples will also place a sign in front of the front doors to help direct guests
– No ramp option
– Can make your guests a little sweaty during those Texas summers

More of a visual learner? Check out our TikTok about our three entry options!

Which entry option would you want on your wedding day? Let us know in the comments below!