Summer and early fall are popular seasons to get married in Texas – but the HEAT!  As you begin to plan your summer or early fall Texas wedding, take these suggestions into account.


Choose a venue with indoor and outdoor options

When selecting a venue for your big day, find one that has indoor and outdoor options for your ceremony, cocktail hour or reception.  Chat with the staff about how to incorporate the outdoors even when the temperatures are over 100 degrees.  With indoor options, you are able to keep your guests comfortable without compromising your vision for your day.

Avoid the hottest part of the day

Typically in Texas, the hottest part of the day is around 3PM.  If doing an outdoor ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception, we recommend waiting until the late evening so everyone isn’t hot and sweaty during your event. If you know the temperatures are going to be excessively hot, plan accordingly so your guests are comfortable.  You would rather people remember your wedding as beautiful and so much fun rather than how hot it was.

Provide plenty of shade

If doing an outdoor cocktail hour at BRIK Venue, you might consider a tent or multiple umbrellas to keep your guests and vendors cool while outside.  The gorgeous ivy wall provides some shade, but most of your guests will be in the direct sunlight during the afternoon and early evening hours.  Also consider your vendors who will be outside during cocktail hour, and allow them to wear temperature appropriate clothing and have their own water station.

Keep the menu light

Choose a menu that incorporates light and fresh entrees.  Hot food on a hot day just doesn’t seem as refreshing, does it?  And after dinner, an ice cream station might just do the trick to keep everyone cool!  Even incorporating popsicle infused drinks at the bar could be a fun touch to help beat the heat!  Food trucks are a good option at BRIK Venue.  They can pull up into the courtyard after sundown and keep the heat of their cooking to the outside.

Refreshing drinks

Guests and bridal party need to stay hydrated on a hot day in Texas!  Providing water at the bar, and refreshing drinks for all will help everyone cool down and enjoy the day.  Pro tip – for every one alcoholic drink, provide one glass or bottle of water.  Your guests will thank you!

Cooling items

Instead of guest favors, provide them with mini paper fans to help cool them off during the hottest parts of the day.  Personal misters are another option we’ve seen in the past, as well as encouraging guests to wear light and airy dress code.


At BRIK Venue, we are dedicated to helping you keep your guests cool and comfortable for your wedding.  Our 100+ year old building is equipped with A/C and fans for those sultry summer days/nights.  As long as all the doors and windows stay closed, we can keep the building nice and cool for your day.  Chat with our staff about other ways to beat the heat at BRIK Venue – we’ve got several options!

Remember – this day is about YOU.  Design the perfect day around the heat and have the wedding of your dreams!