We’re rolling into the chilly season in Texas (Despite the random 70° days)! That means it’s time to start incorporating some cold weather essentials into your wedding day wardrobe. Check out our ideas for 5 winter bridal accessories you need!

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Faux Sure!


A fur wrap for your grand exit is a long time wedding favorite! With so many of BRIK‘s photo spots outside, you’ll need something to help keep warm during photo time. They also look adorable on your bridesmaids for a chilly winter wedding.


Photo: Hannah Way Photography


BRIK Pick: White Fur Shawl


Put Your Gloves On


Wedding gloves are a great trend to jump on. Elbow length gloves have been a favorite for brides over the last year, and with the unpredictable Texas weather, gloves (even if they’re thin) can help shelter against the elements during rooftop photos or your grand exit. Plus, they look really cute!



BRIK Pick: Faux Pearl Long Gloves


Keep Your Feet Warm


Winter mornings can be chilly in a historic building like BRIK! Make sure to bring some socks and slippers (or both) to keep your feet warm on the morning-of.


Photo: Jesica Clay Photo


BRIK Pick: Bride Slippers


Coffee To-Go


Wedding days are loooonngg. You’ll definitely need some coffee or tea to stay awake! The Near Southside has lots of great coffee shops to go for a wedding morning coffee run, but with how long it takes to get ready, your drink might be cold by the time you’re ready to enjoy it. Transfer your coffee into a customized reusable cup to keep it warm all morning!



BRIK Pick: White Yeti tumbler


Cozy Up


Don’t forget to bring a blanket for your wedding morning! I for one love to have a blanket on my lap when I’m relaxing. With plenty of couches, chairs, and a TV, the BRIK bridal suite is the perfect place to cozy up on the couch and relax with your friends and family as everyone gets ready.


Photo: Amy Zumwalt Photographers


BRIK Picks: Faux Fur Throw Blanket



What did you think of our ideas for 5 winter bridal accessories you need? Which ones do you want to try? Let us know in the comments!

As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commission from qualifying purchases.