The night is winding to a close, and you’ve just finished your sweetheart dance with your new spouse. It’s time to go out the exit doors and say a final goodnight to your guests! Which exit prop do you envision – will it be be something classic or something unique? Whatever your style may be, check out our list of the top 10 wedding exit props to help choose the best fit for your wedding day!


You know them, you love them…. and they’re the most popular wedding exit prop for a reason! Sparklers are a long-time favorite that won’t be replaced or surpassed anytime soon! The pictures are always breathtaking, too.

Buy them here or here.


Try this whimsical and unique option for your wedding exit – balloons! White is a glamorous option that looks adorable at night, but multicolored options matching your wedding colors is another fun idea!


Although we don’t allow confetti, silly string, or glitter at BRIK, you can still have a sparkly streamer send-off! These bad boys stay attached to the tube, so cleanup is much easier!

Find them here.

Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades are a fun and dramatic exit idea that bring the drama! They come in a variety of colors to match your wedding theme as well as classic black or white. These also look amazing during the daytime for gorgeous rooftop photos!

Buy them (in an array of colors!) here!

Foam Glow Sticks

Foam glow sticks are steadily rising in popularity. They can double as a dance floor prop and a wedding exit prop all in one! Coming in a huge variety of single-colored, multicolored, or flashing options, some can even be customized with names, dates, and more.

Try these!

Ribbon Wands

Ribbon wands can be customized in an unlimited variety of fabrics. BRIK couple Lauren & Drew (left) DIYed these ribbon wands for their guests in a variety of textures and colors that matched their wedding colors!

Not a DIY fan? These streamers from Etsy are adorable!

Fiber Optic Light Wands

Similar to ribbon wands but with light! These can match your wedding colors, and are a great substitute for sparklers if you’re in a city with a burn ban.

Check them out here.


An early classic for weddings, bubbles are now a fun send-off idea that is more unique! There are so many options for bubbles too, from small bottles for tiny bubbles to machines that can create a steady stream of bubbles for your sendoff.

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Fireworks are most dramatic and luxe option on this list. We allow fireworks displays off our roof and from the street behind our parking lot, so fireworks are an option whether you choose to exit out the front doors or back doors. Your guests will never forget it!

Reach out to PyroTex to plan your own fireworks display!

A Stylish Ride

Even if an exit prop for your guests isn’t your style, you can still make a grand exit with a cool classic car! Whether you choose a vintage Rolls Royce, a brand-new Lambo, or something even more unexpected like Cowtown Cycle Party, a fun ride makes a huge difference in your wedding exit!

Check out our preferred vendor DFW Vintage Cars!

Do you agree with our list of the top 10 wedding exit props? Which ones did we miss? Comment below!