What are the essentials on any wedding planning to-do list? The venue, a planner, the flowers, a photographer… and the cake! However, a traditional wedding cake isn’t right for every couple. Want something a little more unique for your wedding day? Try these top 5 wedding desserts that aren’t cake – that BRIK couples love!


Powdered sugar and fried dough, need we say more? It may just be the perfect dessert! Beignets have been rising in popularity for the last year, and we can’t get enough! Even our Near Southside Fort Worth neighborhood has a specialty beignet shop – The Dusty Biscuit!

BRIK couple Madison & Jackson brought in The Beignet Bus for their wedding. It was a huge hit with their guests, and the photos are adorable!

Photo: The Leitzingers

TRY: The Beignet Bus

Dessert Table

Why limit happy to an hour, and why limit your guests to one kind of sweet treat? A candy or dessert bar is a great DIY option (read: save money!) where your guests can truly choose their own adventure. Customized treat bags and curated displays with colorful glass jars and cake stands can even further personalize a dessert table.

Choose your favorite candies you enjoy as a couple, sweets that remind you of memories or trips together, or even desserts that represent your home state or country!

Photo: The Purple Pebble Photo: Jesica Clay Photo


It’s an age-old debate: Which is better, pie or cake? Many of our couples have started to opt for pie instead of cake at their BRIK weddings. Whether you choose full-size, personal pies, or even bite-size versions of this treat, your guests are sure to love this cake alternative!

Worried about not having a cake to cut for tradition’s sake? No worries here! If you want to keep some wedding traditions while still changing things up, a pie could be the perfect happy medium!

TRY: Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop, Emporium Pies


Both summer and winter weather make us think of enjoying s’mores by the campfire! Whether you’re bundled up in blankets or enjoying a warm Texas summer evening, there’s nothing quite like the sweet, gooey goodness of a freshly-made s’more. If fire pits in our courtyard aren’t your jam, there are even ways to make s’mores indoors!

Pre-package s’mores ingredients together, or have a DIY s’mores bar in lieu of a cake table!

TRY: Indoor S’mores Kit


Over the last few years, donuts have been a very popular dessert option! From donut walls to “cakes” made of donuts, this crowd-pleasing favorite offers plenty of opportunities for customization with glaze colors, sprinkles, candy, and other unique décor options! Donuts are also a great dessert option for a BRIK brunch wedding!

Plus, obviously, all of the donut-related puns. Donut miss out on incorporating this unique dessert into your wedding plans!

Photo: Allison Harp Photo Photo: Be Free

TRY: Funkytown Donuts

Or… Not a Sweet!

I know this list is called “Top 5 Wedding Desserts that Aren’t Cake,” but who says you have to have a sweet late in the night? With the abundance of food truck and catering options, a savory treat could be the perfect way to end your wedding celebration – and guests who have been enjoying the open bar all night will thank you tomorrow!

Take some inspiration from BRIK couple Blair & Josh – they surprised their guests with a Whataburger spread that makes us hungry just looking at it! Does anyone suddenly want some fries and spicy ketchup?

Photo: Anna’s Photography

Those are the BRIK staff’s picks for Top 5 Wedding Desserts that Aren’t Cake! What sweet or savory treats would you add to our list?

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