At BRIK, we see new guestbook inspo all the time. With so many options, it can be hard to choose which type of guest book is the perfect match for your wedding day. Check out our list of 5 easy wedding guestbook ideas for inspiration!

Photo Book

A photo book of engagement photos is the most popular and easy guest book of all. While using your engagement photos is the most popular choice, we have also seen couples have used a photo book of Fort Worth! In fact, any book with space to write around the margins would work.

What you’ll need: A photo book and pens

Photo: Sarah Slover Brown


There are a couple of different ways to do a Jenga guest book. Guests can sign their names, leave advice, or give date night ideas on each piece. After the wedding, this game night staple can be a fun way to relive wedding memories!

What you’ll need: Jenga set & Sharpies

Polaroid Book

Leave out a polaroid camera and have guests take their own photos – either fun or serious! – and have them use washi tape or another adhesive to attach them inside the book and leave a note or sign underneath. This option lets your guests really show their personality!

What you’ll need: Blank scrapbook, washi tape or glue dots, Polaroid or Instax camera and film, & pens

Photo: Madalynn Young

Family Bible

A family Bible is a great heirloom and guestbook all in one. Guests can highlight their favorite verse and leave a note or sign in the margins. You can even buy a fully custom or painted Bible for a special touch.

What you’ll need: Regular or Customized Bible with wide margins, highlighters, & pens


There are plenty of great record shops in Fort Worth where you can buy records cheap. Either replace the label with a custom one, or pick a vinyl of your favorite artists or wedding song.

What you’ll need: Any records, metallic Sharpies

Photo: American Vinyl Co

Those were 5 easy wedding guestbook ideas for you to use on your wedding day! Which idea is your favorite?