Feb 12 - Colby + Lonnie

Feb 1 - Kylie + ken

AUG 18 - hannah + austin
1st runners up

nov 27 - michael + andrew
2nd runners up

BRIK Wedding of the Year

A+W: We absolutely loved BRIK from the first day we visited. BRIK blends the perfect balance of authenticity and opportunity, allowing couples to add their own personality into a venue that speaks for itself. Even the smallest details brought into BRIK amplified the beauty and warmth of the space, making all who enter feel welcome. Besides the building itself, we loved that we could book our own vendors, giving us the option to make our wedding day truly our own. This became extra important when Avery’s father decided to brew 5 homemade beers out of his garage (with virtually no homebrewing experience). Despite the chaos of brewing several different types of beer, naming each beer unique to the Atterstrom-Watkins family, and designing, printing, and attaching vinyl labels to beer bottles, this creative gift was a special experience that we were able to have because of BRIK’s open vendor policy. BRIK is by far the best decision we made for our wedding, but the building itself was such a small part of it. What makes BRIK really special was the coordination and assistance from the team every step of the way from the moment we booked onward.

congratulations to will + Avery
brik 2020 wedding of the year winners

why did you choose brik?

A+W: 2020 was a tough year for everyone, and especially difficult on those getting married or planning a wedding. Throughout the planning process, we had several moments where we were worried we would be forced to cancel or postpone our wedding like so many others were earlier in the year due to restrictions put in place by the state of Texas. As we got even closer to our date, we seriously considered postponing our wedding out of fear for our guests and for trying to do our part in stopping the spread of COVID. We were on a never-ending rollercoaster - the highs felt like an adrenaline rush, making progress with planning, and the lows felt like utter defeat at the possibility of having to postpone. After long discussions and weighing all our options, we ultimately knew we needed to keep moving forward with our initial wedding date on December 5th, or we risked not ever having the wedding we dreamed of. As we reflect now, we are so, so grateful we made that decision. We took all the precautions we could think of to mitigate any potential risk of catching the virus and to help our guests feel more comfortable attending the celebration. After the wedding, we didn’t hear of a single attendee who noticed any sort of viral symptoms requiring them to go get tested. This was such a blessing to us and lifted a heavy burden off our shoulders. Even though our COVID wedding went off without a hitch, we still weren’t able to take the honeymoon most couples dream of, because Avery is an essential worker in construction. If she were to travel out of state, her job would require her to quarantine at home for two weeks after our return, which wasn’t feasible for her work schedule. Even though our two day “mini-moon” to San Antonio staying on the Riverwalk was beautiful, romantic, and relaxing, and we made the very best of it, we would love to take another trip (when we can cross state borders again!) to spend more time soaking in those moments of being newlyweds madly in love. Winning BRIK’s 2020 Wedding of the Year would mean so much to us and give us a second chance at a honeymoon we’ve really wanted.

what was your favorite part of your experience at brik?

A+W: Besides the space itself, what makes BRIK stand out from other wedding venues is the team we were privileged to work with. The whole staff was with us every single step of the way. Christy was our constant source of comfort when the world felt like it was falling apart (and when you’re planning a COVID wedding, the world was literally always falling apart). Brandon was the muscle that made our layout and dreams come true (even when our floor plans kept changing last minute from our guest count dropping due to COVID). Kristen and Lynsie were always at After Hours ready to welcome us with a cold drink and be our cheerleaders when we needed it (and trust us, we were at After Hours like it was our second home, collecting those points!). Lauren, our day-of venue coordinator, was the cherry on top to assist all our on-site vendors with the final details throughout the whole day. There is absolutely no way we could have done the wedding without all of their support and guidance. We are so, so grateful for the BRIK team.

what was the most magical moment of your wedding day?

A+W: It was...when my florist brought in my wedding bouquet! My first look with Will. Our first look was my absolute, number one favorite moment from the whole day. Last on my list was our last private dance. We danced to ILYSB (the stripped version!) by LANY, which was originally the song I wanted for our first dance, but looking back now, I am SO glad it was our last. Moments like: cheers with my groomsmen while we were getting ready, seeing all of our guests throughout the reception, and dancing with all of our best friends, just to name a few. The most meaningful moments for me were seeing Avery at the first look and seeing her in her dress for the first time. 

why should your wedding win brik wedding of the year?

avery + will won a trip to new orleans, la!

If you are planning at getting married at BRIK in 2021 and want to apply to be nominated for 2021 brik wedding of the year, please request at applicaton at apply@brikvenue.com