We get this question all the time – Should I hire a wedding planner? In case you’re wondering, we always recommend it. Here are 5 reasons you need a wedding planner for your wedding day!



Vendor Selection and Communication


One of the most challenging elements of wedding planning is undoubtedly choosing your vendor team. From venue to food to flowers to the night’s entertainment, there are so many people to hire and with whom to keep in contact. Planners will often handle this communication for you, giving you some breathing room during the planning process while still being kept in the loop.

An experienced planner’s insider knowledge and experience can also help narrow down your potential vendor list much more quickly. If you have no idea where to start, they will also have their own recommendations or preferred vendor list.


Treasured Heart Events was named our Planner of the Year at BRIK BASH 2022!


Staying on Track


A wedding planning checklist can be daunting. Why deal with it all yourself? One of a wedding planner’s main jobs is to keep everything organized and on track leading up to your wedding day. If the thought of dealing with invoices, dates, and deadlines on your own makes your skin crawl, or you just don’t want to deal with the stress of remembering these things on your own, a planner is an absolute must!


Wedding Design

Aside from timelines, communication, and all of the logistical stuff, there’s the wedding design itself – how the spaces will look aesthetically on your wedding day. You have a vision (and a very detailed Pinterest board that’s been gathering ideas since you were 12) but aren’t quite sure how to bring it to life. That’s where a planner comes in!


Budget Management

Having a planner in charge of managing your wedding budget can help you stay on track financially. They will also be able to help you decide where to save money and where to spend it.


Day-Of Coordination

The best thing about hiring a wedding planner is being able to enjoy your wedding day knowing there is someone else in charge of the timeline and keeping everything running smoothly.

Even if you don’t hire a full-service planner, we definitely recommend hiring a day-of coordinator. You don’t want your mom, brother, bridesmaid, or yourself being the point of contact for a behind-the-scenes issue that you have to stop having fun in order to fix. Let your planner take care of the small issues that may arise, and let yourself and your guests enjoy your wedding day to the fullest!


Erin from Clover Event Design won Wedding of the Year at BRIK BASH 2022.



Those are our 5 reasons you need a wedding planner for your wedding day! Seems like a no-brainer to us, but what do you think? Tell us in the comments!