So you’ve found the perfect partner and the most gorgeous venue – now you need to choose your vendor team – the people that will make sure your wedding day goes smoothly and effortlessly! Without question, your vendor team will be will be one of the most important decisions you make. But where do you begin? How do you know where and how to find vendors that will see your vision and execute it? Ones who will listen to your ideas and take them to the next level?

Of course, you’ve been to a few weddings where you thought “that DJ kept everyone on the dance floor,” or “those flowers were gorgeous,” or “their wedding video makes me tear up every time I watch it.” You want your friends and family to say the exact same things about your wedding. Some venues have vendors in-house, meaning you have to use their vendor team, who works for them, for all your wedding day needs. Other venues are open vendor, which means you can use whoever you’d like for your vendor team.

And then there are other venues that are open vendor, with a preferred vendor list – vendors that they love, who have worked in their venue multiple times, and have done amazing work. Those venues will provide that list for you. But remember – just because a venue gives you a preferred vendor list doesn’t mean you shouldn’t research those vendors yourself and see who would be a good fit. Absolutely do your research!

At BRIK Venue, we are an open vendor venue for 99% of your vendors; however, we also have a preferred vendor list that we can provide if you’d like. We are pleased to announce that we have an in-house bartending service provided by HD Liquid Catering, and they will take care of all your bar service needs.

When choosing vendors, there are many factors to consider:

Do they have your date available, and will you be a priority on your wedding day?

Are they within your budget?

Do they have good reviews? (check their Facebook business page, Google reviews, The Knot reviews, Wedding Wire reviews, friends and family)

Can they work with your style and expectations?

Are they easy to communicate with? Do they respond in a timely fashion?

Absolutely schedule consultations and stalk their Facebook and Instagram. Do your research, and make the best decision for you and your partner. Trust your gut, your instincts, and choose those who you feel will make your wedding day THE BEST DAY EVER. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

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