Lounge furniture has been a favorite emerging trend in the wedding industry for the last few years. But what is lounge furniture, and why should you include it in your wedding planning? With BRIK’s Lounge Furniture Guide to help, you’ll be well-versed in the new world of wedding lounge furniture and the different ways to incorporate it into your wedding day.



Why Should I Utilize Lounge Furniture in my Layout?


Lounge sets help create a cozy, immersive, and inviting space for guests to hang out, chat, and relax. More of a “living room” feel is brought into the space while simultaneously creating a luxe, intentional environment for your guests to enjoy.

With BRIK‘s open and versatile space, there are plenty of options for lounge set placement.

Common ways to incorporate lounge furniture:
– Lounge area during reception
– Comfy seating for family during ceremony
– In the courtyard for cocktail hour
– As a photo backdrop


Photo: Silver Bear Creative


Where Can I Find Lounge Furniture?


When you book with BRIK, you gain full access to our lounge furniture collection for your wedding day, absolutely free! Adela (our venue concierge) will work with you to build a lounge set (usually this includes a couch, two chairs, a rug, and a table) that compliments your reception design. She can also advise you where to place a lounge set – or two! – within your floor plan.

If you don’t like our lounge options, there are plenty of wonderful rental companies in the DFW area with a wide array of styles and vibes! Check out a few of our favorites:
Loot Rentals
Perch Decor
Bella Acento


Photo: Joshua Aull


How do I get my guests to actually use the lounge space?


Making a lounge set inviting isn’t as hard as it may seem. Even small details like a flower centerpiece or cozy pillows can entice guests to have a seat and stay a while.

We also recommend adding an interactive element to the lounge setup – such as your guest book – as an incentive to have a seat. Most of the time, guest will gravitate towards the comfy seating all on their own (especially grandma and grandpa!).



Will you use lounge furniture in your reception setup? We love this trend and hope it sticks around!