You got your ring, but now you may be wondering if you should have a large wedding or elope. While traditional weddings can be beautiful, they’re not for everyone. Here are 5 reasons to opt for an elopement – and more information about our all-inclusive intimate wedding ceremony packages, available this August and October!





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Weddings can be incredibly expensive, and the average cost in Texas is around $25,000. By eloping, you can save a lot of money and put it towards something else, like a down payment on a house or a dream honeymoon.


Our elopement package includes venue, planner, hair & makeup, photographer, bar & catering, dessert, entertainment, floral, paper goods, and specialty rentals, all for 1/3 of the cost of a typical DFW wedding.


On a typical wedding day, vendors cost….


Venue: $10,500


Planner + Design: $4,500


Floral: $3,800


Photographer: $4,000


Catering: $3,500


Sweets: $800


Bar: $3,500


Entertainment: $3,000


Hair and Makeup: $600


Paper goods: $800


Rentals: $2,500


= $37,500


Our elopement package is $10,500 TOTAL, with all vendors included within the price!





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Planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful, from finding the perfect dress to selecting vendors to dealing with family and friend drama. When you elope, you can avoid all of that and focus on what really matters – your love for each other.


BRIK’s intimate wedding package takes care of everything for you, from vendors to timeline and everything in between. All you have to do is select outfits, invite 50 friends, and show up at your selected time!








Eloping allows you to have an intimate wedding ceremony with just the two of you (and maybe a few close friends and family members). This can make the day even more special and meaningful.


An intimate wedding at a wedding venue can also be an ideal alternative for couples considering a backyard wedding or city hall elopement. Our all-inclusive package allows you to invite 50 of your family members and closest friends to celebrate with you!





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When you elope, you can get married wherever you want, whenever you want, on your terms. If you have a busy schedule, don’t want to spend on or plan a big wedding, or want to get married in a unique location, having an intimate, fully planned wedding can be the perfect solution. Or, maybe you’re in love, just got engaged, and are sick of waiting to be officially married – let us know and you could be married as soon as August 19th!








Finally, eloping allows you to create unique and unforgettable memories. With more couples opting for small weddings, an elopement is a great option for the couple who wants to celebrate their marriage with their closest family and friends, but keep it stress-free.


With BRIK’s all-inclusive intimate wedding package, your elopement can be fun and memorable while not breaking the bank.





What did you think of our 5 reasons to opt for an elopement? If you’re interested in eloping with us at BRIK, learn more about our all-inclusive intimate wedding dates or contact us to book a tour today.