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Layouts. Designing your Reception Layout can be one of the most complicated and important details of your wedding. Your layout determines table arrangements, lighting, dancing, and the entire flow of the reception. It’s one of the first things we are asked about at BRIK after a couple books the venue.


One of the best things about BRIK is its versatility! Our couples have the freedom to choose how they setup the venue and create the perfect layout for their big day! But where do you start? What works best in the space with your guest count? How many banquet tables do you need to seat 225? We are constantly sending our couples sample layouts of what works best at BRIK for their big day.


Below we have shared sample layouts of 150, 200, and 300 guests for a seated reception, Seating options for indoor and outdoor ceremonies, Cocktail hour locations and even food trucks! Each of these layouts have been used at BRIK and we know for a fact they work well in the space!


We’re always here to help our couples with their dream layout!



Reception Layouts


150 Guests – All Banquet Tables and DJ



150 Guests – Banquets/Rounds and DJ



150 Guests – Banquets/Rounds and Band




200 Guests – All Banquet Tables and DJ




200 Guests – Banquets/Rounds and Band




200 Guests Banquets/Rounds with a DJ and Sweetheart Table



300 Guests – All Banquets and a Sweetheart Table



300 Guests  РBanquets/Rounds



300 Guests – Banquets/Rounds



Ceremony Options



Indoor – All Benches



Indoor – First 2 rows of Chairs



175 Guests – Outdoor Ivy Wall



154 Guests – Outdoor Centered



Cocktail Hour






Second Floor



Food Trucks



1 Food Truck



Multiple Food Trucks



These are only a few options you can use at BRIK! We love creating new and interesting layouts for our clients so don’t hesitate to ask us to help you with the floor plan for your Big Day!



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