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Beatbox Portraits | Dallas-Fort Worth Wedding Photographer | BRIK Vendor Shout-Out

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In the words of Trish Dove, High Fives and Warm Hugs! And Welcome to our first ever Vendor Shout-Out!! Every month we will be featuring one of our FAVORITE Vendors who have worked a real BRIK Wedding!


We have been working with Trish of Beatbox Portraits since we opened our doors at BRIK in 2016! She has shot countless Weddings, Engagements, Bridals, and beautiful Editorials at the venue and we are always so excited to back for one our amazing Brides! You can see her work all over our Instagram and when you tour, you’ll be able to spot her photos in our Real Weddings Photo Books! She is always ready to help not only her bride, but every vendor involved on the day to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for the client!


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We are so excited that her husband, Andy, has recently joined the business and they are now an amazing Husband and Wife Photography Team! Welcome to the party, Andy! We can’t wait to work with you!


We asked Trish and Andy a few questions about what they LOVE about Wedding Photography and what they want Couples to know about their Photographer!


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Tell us a little about Beatbox Portraits – 

We are full time wedding photographers + Husband & Wife + Film & Digital+ team located in Dallas/ Fort Worth. 

We are passionate stylers with big dreams. Living a positive life helping and serving others is what makes our lives truly a joy to live. Nothing is more addicting than laughter, smiles and genuine memories. 


How would you describe your style of photography?


We are a mixture of photojournalism and fine art portraiture. We approach wedding days like we are telling a story- A story that is unique and carefully curated to show our couples love. We use our skill, experience, eye for design, and our styling kit to photograph all their wedding day details. We love mixing traditional portraiture and candid moments through out the whole day.  We give our couples gentle direction throughout their big day to ensure they will have the best images.  


Brik Venue, Wedding, Bridal, Modern, Wedding Venue, Fort Worth, Texas


You’re now a Husband and Wife Photography Team! How does it feel getting to work alongside your hubby every day?


Having my husband join the team full time has been hands down the best business decision!! We are guaranteed to be able to provide the best variety and consistency for our couples. Although we do inspire one another in different ways, we are still two unique individuals who bring our own strengths and ideas to the table. It’s one of the many reasons why we love working together- so our couples receive the perfect blend of fun, meaningful, detailed, and creative images they’ll cherish for years to come. AND Bonus! How cool is it that our couples will now always have two shooters on all of their engagements and bridal sessions- Double the images Double the fun!!


What is your favorite part about photographing a wedding?

Our favorite part of wedding day is the alone time with our couples. First looks make us melt every time. This time is what its all about!! Two people committing to living their lives together as best friends and soulmates. We cherish this time because we know these will be the memories that will decorate the walls of their new home together.  


What is your favorite part about shooting at BRIK?


BRIK is one of our favorite venues in the DFW for many reasons.. from the glowing natural light, to the spacious two story floor plan. As a photographer, light is key to stunning photos!! What we love about BRIK is that no matter the time of the day there is always clean, natural light on one side or the other of the building! We have so many options for backgrounds, which means we can provide the best variety to our couples. We love the graffiti wall, the ivy wall, the industrial metal doors and the stairs!! Endless variety  :”)


What advice would you give to a bride when it comes to choosing a photographer for their big day?


You fell in love with a photographers portfolio…check

You fell in love with their personality….check

Now here is the best advice: Go to facebook or instagram and reach out to their past couples. 

Choose them randomly and send them a private message.

 “Hello, I am considering hiring XYZ for my wedding day. How was your experience? 

Thank you, XYZ”

This is going to give you honest and true insight on how your wedding experience will be. Be sure to ask one to three different couples for their testimonial!


Brik Venue, Wedding, Bridal, Boho, Wedding Venue, Fort Worth, Texas


Lastly, What are 5 Tips you would give couples to get the BEST Wedding Day Photos?


1. When choosing your Ceremony time, here are some questions to ask yourself:

– Do you want daylight photos of you and your wedding party?

– Do you want to have a First Look?

If you are doing a First Look, you can your ceremony time about 90 minutes before sunset. If you are not doing a First Looks, you might want to schedule your ceremony about 2 hours before ceremony time. Ask your photographer for information on First Looks :”)


2. Let’s talk FLORALS!!

Investing in your bridal bouquet is key!! For both your bridal session and on your wedding day! Go big and splurge on the blooms you want. You only get married once, treat yourself! We can make magic happen with a breathtaking bouquet!


3. Want more pictures? Be organized!

BRIDES- Put all of these items in one box right by your dress:

– Jewelry

– All three rings

– Any heirloom items

– Perfume Bottle

– Vow Book

– Ring Box

– Veil, hair combs, etc.

– Two sets of your wedding invitation suite, including envelopes, menus, any paper goods



– Tie

– Shoes

– Cufflinks

– Any Special Items

By having all these items in one place you will instantly get 30% ore detail photos because no one has to hunt them down!


Brik Venue, Wedding, Bridal, Boho, Wedding Venue, Fort Worth, Texas


4. Hire a Wedding Planner!!

If you take any advice away from these tips, this is the #1!!

You should be able to sit, relax and feel amazing knowing everything is handled. The last thing you want to be doing is running around setting up table decor, showing your cake vendor where to setup, etc. They keep the show running smooth and take all the stress out of your timelines. They are priceless!


5. Family Formal Time:

This is the one time of the wedding day where timeline delays can happen. Make a list with everyones name and the order in which you would like to photograph everyone. Take it one step further and email everyone on the list- the list! IF your family members know that they are requested to be in photos and the order, they will not run off to the cocktail hour and we will not have to chase them down and lose precious time.


Brik Venue, Wedding, Bridal, Modern, Wedding Venue, Fort Worth, Texas


These are just a few great tips to make sure your day is a blissful and fun celebration of your marriage! We warmly welcome all questions from our couples and we are thrilled to be a resource for them on their wedding days. After all, they have never been married and we eat, sleep, and breath wedding days every day!




Thank you, Trish & Andy! We can’t wait to work with you again soon!


 Brik Venue, Wedding, Bridal, Boho, Wedding Venue, Fort Worth, Texas


Stay tuned for our next Vendor Shout-Out and more posts from BRIK!


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Bridal Squads | Inspired by BRIK

Your wedding day is one of the most special and important days of your entire life. But do you realize, you’re spending the majority of this day with your Bridal Party? Hair and Makeup can take hours and hours before the first photo is even snapped! Our brides come in as early as 7am to start the process and they bring the full tribe to spend this time with!


Thankfully, the Bridal Suite at BRIK is one of a kind and makes a perfect backdrop for all those getting ready photos with your #bridalsquad!


Matching Robes? Check! Getting Ready Soundtrack? Check! Mimosa Bar? Double Check!


Whether you’re spending the day with your family, best friends or all 15 of your closest Sorority Sisters, these Bridal Party Photos are some of the most fun you’ll take all day! Let’s pop some champagne and throw back some mimosas while we look through some of our FAVORITE #brikbridalsquads!


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Ready to glam up with your Bridal Tribe? We LOVE all of our #BRIKbrides and their #bridalsquads! We can’t wait to share more of these happy memories with you!

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BRIK Blog is Live!

Welcome to our first ever BRIK Blog Post! Words cannot express how excited we are to be launching this feature! Ever since our First Wedding at BRIK in April 2016, we have been eager to share photos, tips, and inspirations with our #BRIKBrides & #BRIKBeaus.


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Each week we will share our fan-favorite “Wedding Wednesday” post of a real BRIK Wedding!

Heart Box Weddings


Everything from Wedding Dress Love to Table Decor! We want to inspire anyone and everyone to make their wedding a dream come true!


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We will also be sharing tips from not only the BRIK team, but from some of the BEST Vendors in the Dallas-Fort Worth area about wedding planning and preparing for the most special day of your life!


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For more Photos of what we’ve been up to lately, be sure to follow us on our Instagram and Pinterest Pages! And don’t forget to check back with us here to see what’s new and exciting with BRIK!